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Homann, Johann Baptist

(1663 - 1724)

Johann Baptist Homann of Nuremberg, Germany was a geographer and cartographer, who was instrumental in making maps of the Americas to show to Europeans, and in turn bringing Europeans to see America.

In 1715 Homann was appointed Imperial Geographer of the Holy Roman Empire.

Giving privileges to individuals was an added right that the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire enjoyed. Of particular significance to cartography were the imperial printing privileges (Latin privilegia impressoria). These protected for a time the authors in all scientific fields such as printers, copper engravers, map makers and publishers. They were also very important as recommendation for a potential customer.

In 1716 Homann published his masterpiece Grosser Atlas ueber die ganze Welt (Grand Atlas of all the World)

Important atlases:
Atlas Novus Terrarum (1707, 1712)
Neuer Atlas (1714)
Atlas Methodicus (1719)
Grosser Atlas (1737-1770)
Homanischer Atlas (1747-1780)
Atlas Geographicus (1759-1784)
Atlas Major (1780).
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