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engraving/Ex libris/English

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me4595.   engraving/Ex libris/English   put into the basket

My book.......?.

ca.1930. Etching.
size: 10x8 cm.
page: 18x13 cm.

price: 7.04 EURO

My book.......?

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Howitt, Samuel: WILLIAM EDKINS.

ca. 1820. copper engraving.
size: 6x8 cm.
page: 9x11 cm.

price: 25.35 EURO

Howitt, Samuel: WILLIAM EDKINS

me5694.   engraving/Ex libris/English   put into the basket

Ducare Godman Frederick.

without year. colored steel engraving.
size: 6x6 cm.
page: 9x8 cm.
implosion on the margin.

price: 16.9 EURO

Frederick DuCane Godman (1834-1919) neves ornitológus, entomológus.
Ducare Godman Frederick

me6024.   engraving/Ex libris/English   put into the basket

MacFall, Haldan (1860 - 1928): R. Raymond his H. Smythies Book.

without year. Etching.
size: 12x10 cm.
page: 27x21 cm.

price: 10.14 EURO

MacFall, Haldan (1860 - 1928): R. Raymond his H. Smythies Book
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