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Haas, Meno: Professor Oken.

Berlin. 1828. rézmetszet.
méret: 9x8 cm.
lapméret: 16x11 cm.

ár: 1200 FORINT

Lorenz Oken
(August 1, 1779 – August 11, 1851) was a German naturalist.
Oken was born Lorenz Okenfuss in Bohlsbach (now part of Offenburg) in Baden and studied natural history and medicine at the universities of Freiburg and Würzburg. He went on to the University of Göttingen, where he became a Privatdozent (unsalaried lecturer), and shortened his name to Oken. As Lorenz Oken, he published a small work entitled Grundriss der Naturphilosophie, der Theorie der Sinne, mit der darauf gegründeten Classification der Thiere (1802). This was the first of a series of works which established him as the leader of the movement of "Naturphilosophie" in Germany.

In it he extended to physical science the philosophical principles which Immanuel Kant had applied to epistemology and morality. Oken had been preceded in this by Gottlieb Fichte, who, acknowledging that Kant had discovered the materials for a universal science, declared that all that was needed was a systematic coordination of these materials. Fichte undertook this task in his "Doctrine of Science" (Wissenschaftslehre), whose aim was to construct all knowledge by a priori means. This attempt, which was merely sketched out by Fichte, was further elaborated by the philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling. Oken built on Schelling's work, producing a synthesis of what he held Schelling to have achieved.

Oken produced the 7 volume series "Allgemeine Naturgeschichte für alle Stände", with engravings by Johann Conrad Susemihl, and published in Stuttgart by Hoffman between 1839-184l. [1]
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