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LÖSCHNER JÓZSEF ( Josef Wilhelm von Löschner ).

Bécs. 1865. lithography.
size: 17x15 cm.
page: 29x21 cm.

price: 7.04 EURO

Josef Wilhelm Freiherr von Löschner or in Czech Josef Vilém z Löschneru
(May 7, 1809 – April 19, 1888) was an Austrian physician born in Kaaden, Bohemia. In 1834 he received his medical doctorate at Prague, and later became a professor at the University of Prague. During 1862-63 he was rector at the University. From 1865 until 1868 he was personal physician to Franz Joseph I of Austria. A foundation arranged by Löschner resulted in the creation of the Franz Joseph Kinderhospital in Prague.

Löschner is remembered for his work in the field of balneology. He advocated the curative properties of health spas, and wrote numerous articles promoting the spas of Bohemia. These publications were instrumental in making Bohemian spas a popular tourist destination, particularly the resort at Karlsbad which was regularly visited by members of European royalty.
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