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Marastoni József: Báró DUMREICHER jÁNOS. ( Johann von Dumreicher).

Bécs. 1867. lithography.
size: 17x15 cm.
page: 29x21 cm.

price: 6.58 EURO

Johann von Dumreicher, fully Johann Friedrich Freiherr Dumreicher von Österreicher (January 13, 1815 – January 16, 1880, Jecanušev, nearby Zagreb) was an Austrian surgeon who was a native of Trieste. He was the father of Armand von Dumreicher (1845–1908), a politician known for educational reforms.

He studied medicine at the University of Vienna, and in 1844 was habilitated as lecturer at Vienna. In 1849 he was appointed professor of surgery, as well as head of the surgical clinic. Among of his students and assistants were surgeon Eduard Albert (1841–1900), gynecologists Rudolf Kaltenbach (1842–1893) and Friedrich Schauta (1849–1919), obstetrician Ludwig Bandl (1842–1892) and surgeon Carl Nicoladoni (1847–1902).

Dumreicher participated in the Austro-Prussian War of 1866, and in 1869 became in charge of a commission tasked with reform and reorganization of Austrian military medicine. One of his better-known publications was an 1878 treatise titled Über die Notwendigkeit von Reformen des Unterrichts an den medizinischen Fakultäten Österreichs, which dealt with the need of teaching reforms at Austrian medical faculties. Wikipedia.
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