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me3636.   engraving/Portrait/Swiss   put into the basket

Mayer, Carl: Lavater.

Nürnberg. ca.1860. steel engraving.
size: 11x8 cm.
page: 23x14 cm.

price: 3.16 EURO

Johann Kaspar Lavater
(15 November 1741 – 2 January 1801) poet and physiognomist.
Mayer, Carl: Lavater

me3654.   engraving/Portrait/Swiss   put into the basket

Zwingli's Abschied.

ca.1860. steel engraving.
size: 10x8 cm.
page: 23x13 cm.
stained outside the picture.

price: 2.37 EURO

Huldrych (or Ulrich[1]) Zwingli
(1 January 1484 – 11 October 1531) was a leader of the Reformation in Switzerland.
Zwingli's Abschied
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