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CHATELAIN, Henri Abraham: Carte de l'Empire Othoman consideréedans les Etats de cette Puissance, et Etats qui l'avoisinent ou qui luy sont tributaires. / Carte pour servir a l'Histoire Universelle.

Amsterdam. 1710. copper engraving.
size: 46x88 cm.
page: 53x124 cm.
intact margin.

price: 434.78 EURO

Henri Abraham Chatelain was a Amsterdam-based geographer and publisher. His main product is the "Atlas Historique et Méthodique", in seven volumes, published between 1710 and 1720.
A large map of Turkish Empire, covering territories in Balkans, Anatolia, Levant, North Africa and Arabia. One of the few maps that cover the whole of the Mediterranean and include the western most provinces of the Empire in North Africa. The map has text on both sides.
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