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me4525.   engraving/Ex libris/Austrian   put into the basket

Michael Fingesten: Ex libris PROF. Dr. Rudolf von Soó. Hand signed.

without year. Etching.
size: 12x9 cm.
page: 19x15 cm.
minimaly stained outside the picture.

price: 78.87 EURO

Michel Fingesten was born Michl Finkelstein in 1884 in the village of Buckovice (Buczkowitz), Silesia, in the Habsburg Empire, now part of the Czech Republic, from a Czech-Jewish father and an Italian-Jewish mother, and died in 1943 in Cerisano, Calabria, after the liberation by the allies of the camp in which he had been interned since 1941. He was one of the most original and productive graphic artists and bookplates designers of the twentieth century.
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