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Willmore, James Tibbits

(1800 - 1863)

James Tibbits Willmore (1800-1863), English line engraver, was born at Bristnal's End, Handsworth, near Birmingham, in September of 1800.

At the age of fourteen Willmore was apprenticed to William Radcliffe, a Birmingham engraver, and in 1823 he went to London and was employed for three years by Charles Heath. He was afterwards engaged upon the plates of Brockedon's Passes of the Alps and Turner's England and Wales. He engraved after Chalon, Leitch, Stan-field, Landseer, Eastlake, Creswick and Ansdell, and especially after Turner, from whose Alnwick Castle by Moonlight, The Old Temeraire, Mercury and Argus, Ancient Rome, and the subjects of the rivers of France, he executed many admirable plates. He was elected an associate engraver of the Royal Academy in 1843. He died on the 12th of March 1863.
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