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Lowry, Joseph Wilson

(1803 - 1879)

Joseph Wilson Lowry engraver, was the son of Wilson Lowry and his second wife Rebecca Delvalle and was born on 7 October 1803. He was trained by his father and from both parents inherited a taste for science and mathematics; in his work he specialised in scientific subjects.

He engraved plates for Encyclopaedia Metropolitana and for Sir John Rennie a series of drawings for London Bridge. Other work included Phillips's Geology of Yorkshire, 1835 and Scott Russell's Naval Architecture, 1865, Weale's 'Scientific Series' and the journals of the Institution of Naval Architects and the Royal Geographical Society. He later was appointed engraver to the Geological Survey of Great Britain and Ireland.

He died, unmarried, at his residence, Robert Street, Hampstead Road, London, on 15 June 1879.
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