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Moll, Hermann

(1678 - 1745)

A native of Holland, Moll moved to England sometime before 1682. He set up shop in London as a bookseller and map engraver. After the turn of the century he became the premier map publisher in England and soon was an open and effective propagandist for British claims to North America. Moll's bold cartographic style included much detail, and he produced a wide range of maps from miniature to very large, decorated maps with inset plans and illustrations. Much of his work was copied by other publishers. Made many Hungarian maps.

Importanat atlases:
General Atlas (ca 1700, 1730)
A System of Geography (1701)
Atlas Manuale (1709)
Atlas Geographicus (1711-1717)
A New and Complete Atlas (1719-1736).

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Moll, Hermann: "A new map of Germany. Hungary. Transilvania & the Suisse Cantons.

London. 1712. border colored copper engraving.
size: 59x98 cm.
page: 65x103 cm.
clean, sharp issue.

price: 421.05 EURO

Expertly restoration.
A very large and detailed map of Germany, Hungary and Switzerland. Double-page engraved map, printed on two sheets.
Moll, Hermann:
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