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Moule, Thomas

(1784 - 1851)

Thomas Moule (1784 - January 1851) was an English antiquarian, writer on heraldry, and map-maker. He is best known for his popular and highly decorated county maps of England, steel-engraved and first published separately between 1830 and 1832.

Moule was born in Marylebone, London. He sold books in Duke Street, Grosvenor Square, from 1816 to 1822. Later, he became an inspector of 'blind' (illegibly addressed) letters at the General Post Office. He died at his residence in St.James's Palace, to which he was entitled as Chamber-keeper in the Lord Chamberlain's Department.

- Bibliotheca Heraldica Brittaniae, 1822
- Westall, Great Britain Illustrated, 1830 (text)
- Westall, The Illustrations of the Work of Walter Scott, 1834 (text)
- Winkle, Cathedral Churches, 1836 (text)
- Winkle, Continental Cathedrals, 1836 (text)
- The English Counties delineated; or, a topographical description of England, 1837.
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